Install Apache Web server with Ansible

Below is the topology that I have used to install the Apache webserver via Ansible.

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Make sure the Debian server allows Linuxmint to access by using Public key authentication.

On Linuxmint sever.

Create a new tungapache.yaml file

- hosts: tunglamp
  become: yes
    firstname: "XXX"
    lastname: "YYY"
    - name: Update Debian Server 10 System packages
      become: yes
      apt:  update_cache=yes
    - name: install apache2
      apt: name=apache2 state=latest
    - name: Copy index text page
          src: "files/index.html.j2"
          dest: "/var/www/html/index.html"

Add Debian server with corresponding IP address information on hosts file.

Go to /etc/ansible directory and create a new files directory.

#pwd /etc/ansible
sudo mkdir files
sudo touch index.html.j2 && sudo nano index.html.j2
	<title>{{ firstname}} - {{ lastname }}</title> 
	<h1>{{ firstname }} - {{ lastname }}</h1> 
	<h3>Welcome to Tung's Ansbile Test Page</h3>
	<img src="http://imagefromtheinternet.jpg">

Run ansible-playbook to install apache webserver on remote Debian Linux server.

ansible-playbook -i /etc/ansible/hosts tungapache.yaml -u root

Check web content on the Debian server.