Deploy Ublock Origin Ad blocker via a GPO

According to (, Ublock Origin is an efficient blocker add-on for various browsers. Fast, potent, and lean. uBlock Origin is NOT an “ad blocker”: it is a wide-spectrum blocker — which happens to be able to function as a mere “ad blocker”. The default behavior of uBlock Origin when newly installed is to block ads, trackers, and malware sites.

+ Create a central store for GPO

Copies Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge Policy templates under C:\Windows\SYSVOL\sysvol\cisalab.local\Policies\PolicyDefinitions (copy to C:\Windows\SYSVOL\sysvol rather than \\SERVER\SYSVOL folder)

Google Chrome:


MS Edge:

+ Create a new Ublock Origin GPO.

+ Configure UBlock Origin GPO.

Google Chrome. Control which extensions are installed silently – Enabled cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm;


Extensions to Install – Enabled

MS Edge:

Control which extensions are installed silently – Enabled odfafepnkmbhccpbejgmiehpchacaeak;

+ Link UBlock Origin GPO to Domain computers group.

+ Restart Windows 10 domain-joined client to test.

Ublock Origin has been installed automatically on Windows 10 domain clients.